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  • Buildings insurance
  • Contents insurance

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Full accidental damage, personal possessions and family legal protection is available as an optional extra on your home insurance policy.

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You may receive a generous 50% discount online in the first year with Tesco Home Insurance. You can even use your Clubcard vouchers towards the price of your premium! Rest easy knowing that your buildings will be covered for up to £1 million (subject to availability) as standard so you’ll never be under-insured.

Website address: http://www.tescofinance.com

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34 responses to “Tesco Home Insurance”

  1. Sarah Gossett says:

    Cheap – but pray to god you do not get burgled as Cunningham Lindsay deal with your claim. 6 months and 40 phone calls on and I have still not received any of my items – although the claim has been approved by Tesco. CL use carrier pigeon as main form of communication as reports are neither received by them or from them and unhelpful, rude staff who do not listen to a word you say leave you frustrated. I am sure they hear from so many unhappy people they are in emotionless unsympathetic autopilot mode no matter what you are calling about. Tesco good. Cunningham Lindsay terrible.

    • DJB says:

      You are so right. We have been burgled and dealing with Tesco has been more stressful than the act of being burgled. Tesco have applied a very obscure interpretation of the small print to avoid paying us. We previously dealt with Churchill who were great but we went for a cheaper policy and what a big mistake.

      Stressed and depressed. Feel like we have been ripped off and will now pull other policies with Tesco, stop shopping there and will spread the word.

    • Thank you. Reading these responses has definitely put me off!

  2. Rey Felek says:

    Tesco home insurance is great until you need to claim! Buyer beware, their claims call handlers will provide contradictory information regarding their insurance claims process and will try and avoid paying out at all costs. Thank god we only had our trailer stolen and our house hadn’t burn down. Do not use Tesco Home Insurance.

    • alan jones says:

      Outhouse roof collapsed, put claim in on 8th jan, since then nothing, 12 letters 4 replies all say investigating and use omdubsman. Tesco insurance are rubbish no worse then that.

  3. Charlotte says:

    Do not insure with Tesco (Home/Contents) unless you have endless patience, and time to do all work and chasing yourself. Customer Services useless and misleading; Loss Adjusters (Cunningham Lindsey) fail to respond to any communications or take any action without endless chasing first; Sub-Contractors appointed were shoddy and Inexperienced; and even Tesco’s own complaints process is not getting me anywhere. Ombudsman here I come… Save yourself the stress and insure somewhere else… Tesco may be a few pence cheaper, but at a stressful time when you need to make a claim, all they do is add to your stress levels.

  4. Susan Albest says:

    In April we had a major water leak and the damage was extensive. Tesco insurance, and Cunningham Lindsey were brilliant, I cant praise them enough, and have just renewed my insurance with Tesco.

    • Rose says:

      Cant agree more with this comment – exactly the same with me – burst water pipe in bathroom, extensive damage – Tesco very helpful and competent. I have just renewed my insurance with them too.

  5. Ben Hlal says:

    Do not Insure with Tesco their complaining procedure is rubbish, I just issued a County Court Summon in Northampton against Tesco Home insurance and a sister company UK Insurance Limited, ignored all my complaint and never returned my phone call, is bad enough we suffered a loss water damaged to our clothing, all carpets, rugs, bedding and mattress.

  6. Judith Yeates says:

    I have just taken out a Tesco Home Insurance policy and unfortunately have also had to make my first claim with them. Everything was sorted out extremely quickly and I received a cheque for my stolen property within a couple of weeks. I received the full amount for my replacement glasses and the full amount for a replacement GPS based on the RRP.

  7. elizabeth marrs says:

    I’ve been insured with tescos home ins for nearly 6 yrs. I’ve telephoned since December and still no success. Wee came home from Benidorm in December and freezer had broken down with my xmas and new year and meat to do until the end of January in it. I phoned them, the prove was there plus freezer which is still here, with still no success. I work full time and work hard 2 pay my bills, they take the money from my account every month without fail, this is a honest and genuine claim. Twice they said they would phone me after me making 4 phone calls but they never did. I’m contacting law society and whoever else I need to as this is a 9 apartment and they definitely don’t live up to their name. I’m giving them to Friday then I will do everything I can to prove this is a genuine claim.

  8. waqil says:

    The above comments have put me off. I was about to get a quote from Tesco but I think I will stick with my present insurere, Frizzell who are generally very good at dealing with ones queries.

  9. House suffered severe water damage from burst pipes 17 months ago. Repair work still not completed. Complained to Tesco’s Customer Relations Dept 2 months ago, despite a reminder, still no response. Advice- avoid Tesco Insurance like the plague.

  10. l. mills says:

    18 months ago I asked for help from tesco insurance who I’ve been with donkeys years, regarding a possible escape of water, the companies they sent caused so much damage all over my property in investigating this that we have been left to live in an unacceptable unhygienic bombsite. The extent of damage all over my house that they have caused has ended up escalating out of control and none of this was necessary to my original query. To see how we are living is shocking. This has made us ill. Cunningham and lindsey are the ones leaving us to live like this, while they argue with all the companies tesco sent. Do not insure with tesco, they are only interested in taking your money. I have never ever claimed on house insurance before, none of this was our fault but because of tesco I can’t get insured with anyone else till they resolve it and also this could cost a fortune monthly in the future. I’ll fight them tooth and nail.

  11. Gringo says:

    Avoid at all costs!

    I echo everything said by Charlotte above – the whole chain of parties involved (Cunningham Lindsay, SDM Builders, & some scaffolding firm) are useless beyond belief. Ineptitude doesn’t cover it – they are bare faced liars. And Tesco expect me to coordinate between them! Already have my Ombudsman reference and just waiting for the date to pursue…

  12. nicola garside says:

    Omg I am just about to claim with them for accidental damage, I cant believe it, wish I read these comments before I took out insurance with them!

  13. val vampbell says:

    I had to make a claim on my tesco home insurance for extensive water damage and I was so pleased with the way they dealt with it I shall be renewing my insurance with them again this year.

  14. Graham Glover says:

    Have got the FINEST cover, made a claim over a month ago, had to remake the claim two days later as the out of hours company did nothing. Never received a letter from TESCO an assessor visited a month ago to view the damage (broken floor joist), NOTHING heard from TESCO for nearly a month except a renewal notice. When I called they blamed the very efficient assessor and said that they would only pay for any damage made when he did his survey, Three floor boards at £7.80 each subject to a £200 excess. I have worked in insurance for years and as soon as the floor was taken up it was obvious that it was the age of the timber that had caused the failure and that I would not be covered. If you want cheap insurance go with Tesco, just do not make a claim, or if you do, do not expect them to contact you.

  15. Oh dear, was flooded in March, still living in chaos – now end of June, no sign of the work being done so I can use the downstairs rooms. Have just read all the negative comments regarding Tesco Insurance and I am getting very worried as I have complained and complained but nothing happens.

  16. Sam Harry says:

    Hi all

    I am of the same opinion as the majority!!! Do Not insure with Tesco Insurance!! I have the finest policy without the finest service!!

    I have made a claim for water damage and trace and access and they have refused my claim. Again conflicting advice from advisors over a 7 week period and Property Consortium Surveyors on behalf of Tesco can’t even look at photographs and assess correctly!!

    I have a hole in my kitchen ceiling and just sent a complaint to the CEO hoping this will assit in getting something resolved!! Get the feeling that it will be a long drawn out process!!

    Has anyone had any results from their complaints or did you have to take all the way!!


  17. current claimant says:

    Avoid. After my experience of a flood claim with them, I will not be even shopping again with Tesco let alone using their dire insurance. Trouble all the way. Loads of different contractors who do not liaise with different phone numbers, ref numbers…. Contradictory information, take ages and need chasing all the time. If you do have the unfortunate experience of having to deal with them or GAB Robbins then try and get everything in emails so you have some proof of whats been agreed as believe me, along the way things will change and you’ll be glad you did.

  18. Frustrated current claimant says:

    I am in the process of making a claim with Tesco Home Insurance and it is a learning curve to say the least. They are going to supposedly repair a water leak in my shower and will only replace the bottom two rows of tiles which means i will have different tiles to the ones originally fitted and they think that is acceptable. WHAT A JOKE!!!!

  19. TeeJay says:

    Made a claim for damage to my conservatory to Tesco in March 2012.their builder has since then taken the old conservatory down and dig a hole but nothing else done .their builders are GabRonins.i have moved my house in march 2012 and bought a new house. My old house is still empty and unable to sell or rent it as its still waiting for repairs. No delays whatsoever on my part.
    Can someone advise me what to do as I continue paying mortgage on the same property. I would have sold it or rented out had they done repairs.

    • Jenny says:

      All I can say is go straight to the ombudsman service we tried the CEO complaint procedure and got nowhere it will still be drawn out but ombudsman service were/are brilliant and they will get to the bottom of things swiftly

  20. Peter D says:

    Made a claim for damp on wall in bedroom cupboard in January. Tesco sent out an assessor who took photos from the ground of fascia and guttering, then zoomed in on photo to make a judgement that someone did shoddy work and I got to pay to fix it myself. Since then claim has escalated to water running down joists in the loft space and they still saying I got to pay for the work myself, then they will come out and paint the cupboard wall. I got the best insurance that Tesco sell but it is proving useless. Starting complaint procedure, but I think that’s going to be quite stressful and drawn out, judging by some of these letters. Might ring watchdog or the ferret…….
    Wish me luck…

  21. helen newbury jones says:

    Hi trying to get in touch with you from abroad. My home insurance cover has expired on 9th july, you gave my friend a tel no 004408456715688 it does not work from Mexico please give me the correct no.

    • Alyson says:

      If you are calling from overseas then you need to drop the first zero. +44 is the country code then 8456715688

  22. Jenny says:

    Started my claim in July 2012 first of all fell under malicious act but then they soon gave a reason why it wasn’t after many phone calls to police after getting a solicitor involved they finally dealt with my problem and agreed it was actually theft! Called tescos back claim then started not 13 months down the line finally been advised we are in the last stages of the claim and once they have read the report should hear an answer Monday it’s been an awful experience everything we ever owned was taken after we had been away for a few days tescos instructed GAB Robins loss adjusters to investigate after a visit then numerous phone calls, emails even false accusations by gab robins we got the ombudsman involved whom thank god 100% agreed with us and pointed out Tescos had failed on more than one detail during insurance renewal and change of address I just hope we get the answer we deserve will never insure with them again after this and would advise everyone else out there to do the same

  23. Rachael smith says:

    Thank you for writing all your bad response we will NOT be going with tescos !! Sounds like they have a lot to answer for !!

  24. Yvonne Hayton says:

    Having made a claim on 13/6/2013 I have had nothing but problems via Tesco. I had a major flood from the bathroom. They sent service master to dry out the property then Keepmoat to do a large scale of work which was four pages long. Keepmoat tried to patch up the work so I made a complaint I am now in to the 10th week and still no result I have had to renew my insurance with them because you can’t use another company whilst there is an on going claim. Do not buy Tescos insurance under any cost they are devious and will use every trick in the book not to pay. Ombudsmen have been notified and my original scope of work has now shrunk to half a page. The stress it has caused has made me ill.

  25. Cumbrian P. says:

    Had a flood and Tesco refused to pay. Long drawn out process, living in chaos, unhealthy mould everywhere for past 18 months. They sent someone out to make 5 minute decision and lied that they had investigated extensively. Currently with ombudsman. I would highly recommend people NOT to use Tesco insurance, I have since found out they are notorious for not paying out, not giving a toss about their customers, and in my case being dishonest about their evidence just to string the case out as long as possible before they are made to pay. Disgusting!!!

  26. Tina says:

    I made my first ever insurance claim after the storms. Trampoline and two swing sets damaged. I phoned Tescos to ask if I was covered to my delight they said yes… I was told to get quotes etc to replace goods, it took a while and eventually I managed to send them the information they required.

    Another phone call and again Tesco confirmed that I was covered and they had received the information and a loss adjuster would visit. He came and we agreed a figure to replace the goods. Happy now that I was covered I told my children that we would be replacing the damaged stuff. A week later I phoned to check on progress. I was told everything had been received and that the money would be PAID into my account by Friday (21.3.14). I text the older two children at school so that they could see in their break-time that we could order new stuff. About an hour later I received a call from Tesco to say actually they had made a mistake and I wasn’t covered at all…

    They would give me £200 to say sorry… Sorry – £200 that is not the £1250 that I should have been receiving. I was mislead from the start by Tesco they gave me the wrong information, they told me I was covered, they agreed the sum and told me it would be paid… I feel devastated for the children as we had picked out the new items based on what Tesco Insurance had said…

  27. Tim Brookes says:

    I was going to insure with tesco, i don’t think I’ll bother now after reading all the nightmares everyone else has suffered!!

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