Halifax Home Insurance


Type of cover

  • Buildings insurance
  • Contents insurance

Extras available

Halifax offers a mortgage protection plan so that should you become unable to work you can ensure that your home is secure.

Additional information

Halifax offers an online discount of up to 35% along with up to 30% no claims discount and an additional 5% discount when you buy both buildings and contents insurance together. They offer unlimited buildings sum insured, which means your home is automatically covered for the full cost of rebuilding, aswell as unlimited Home Contents Insurance. Halifax also cover for loss or damage to contents in your home caused by water escaping from washing machines, dishwashers and water.

  • 24 hour home emergency and legal advice line
  • Free key recovery service
  • Option to pay monthly by direct debit at no extra cost

Website address: www.halifax.co.uk

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2 responses to “Halifax Home Insurance”

  1. Graham Andrews says:

    The problems encountered through a simple claim, following the accidental shattering of our conservatory glass door, have left my wife and me angry and wearied.
    In what appears to be an ongoing saga, I phoned your representative Michael (not sure if he is with Halifax or AXA) and told him of our concerns at possibly having to pay the difference between the quotations submitted by our own glazier and that of yours, Evander. I explained to Michael that Halifax had given us the go-ahead to arrange a repair locally and that when the Evander assessor was with us he made it patently clear that his firm’s quote would be “guaranteed” to be higher. This assurance followed two appointments which Evander failed to keep, finally turning up on the third suggested date, one week later.
    On Thursday afternoon Michael promised to get back the following morning to sort things out, but we are still waiting.
    The fact that Halifax/AXA are quibbling over a £30 difference in the two quotes is, frankly, mind-blowing. So we’d like to know the answer to this simple question: Were we expected to wait a week amid the insecurity of a shattered pane and then have something installed that we didn’t want? I mention this because the Evander assessor had told us our Georgian bars would be replaced by new ones, which would have jarred with whiteness against our existing ones from 1987 which will, indeed, be used again.
    It’s worth noting that our local glaziers have boarded up our door without any charge as a gesture of goodwill. Is it too much to expect Halifax/AXA to exercise goodwill over our claim?
    Having been treated so casually by both you and Evander, it’s a fair bet that we shall be reviewing our choices very carefully when both house and car insurances are up for renewal.

    Yours sincerely,

    Graham Andrews

  2. mark jordan says:

    I am cancelling my home insurance with the Halifax today after being with them for at least 5 years and without any claims made.
    Two months ago our washing machine broke and flooded the kitchen, however their policy on water leakage is that have to pay the first £250. Then I dropped my laptop this week and again they went through a barage of questions, told me they would use their external repair company but wanted the £150 excess first, even before it was looked at.
    Company policy or not they are not very consumer friendly after them taking your money for 5 years expecting the customer to cough up first..I wouldn’t call that insurance.
    I guess though those TV adverts have to be subsidised somehow?

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