Barclays Home Insurance


Type of cover

  • Buildings insurance
  • Contents insurance

Extras available

Get a standalone contents policy or a combined buildings and contents policy quote from Barclays home insurance by the 6th January 2013 and receive your contents cover for half price in the first year. You’ll also get a further 10% combined discount if you take out both buildings and contents insurance. Terms, conditions and exclusions apply, but the average discount is 25%.
This offer is open to new Home Insurance customers only and may be withdrawn or amended at any time. Home Emergency and Legal Expenses are excluded from the offer. Get up to £500,000 buildings insurance and up to £80,000 contents insurance, when you purchase Barclays home insurance. Full accidental damage is available as an optional extra on buildings and contents insurance as well as home emergency cover, with items such as tv’s, satellite boxes, aerials, games consoles, glass and mirrors all covered for accidental damage. They offer new-for-old replacements on most items, and a minimum 12 months guarantee on repairs and replacements arranged by them. Contents insurance extras include a sports package (including injury and theft of equipment) home and garden cover and cover of your personal possessions while away from home.

Additional information

  • No need to wait to the end of your existing policy, if your current provider charges you for switching Barclays will reimburse any cancellation fees.
  • Benefits include up to £80,000 contents insurance and up to £500,000 buildings insurance.
  • You can get new-for-old replacements on most items in your home.
  • Also receive a minimum 12-month guarantee on repairs and replacements which are arranged by us.
  • The following are also covered for accidental damage: TVs, satellite boxes, aerials, games consoles, glass and mirrors.

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Visit Barclays Home Insurance for a quote.

6 responses to “Barclays Home Insurance”

  1. Neil says:

    Whilst there is considerable press coverage about banks overcharging I would like to highlight another wrongdoing. Banks and lenders agreed some years ago that they would not force borrowers to take out their building insurance to secure the mortgage, although they have used clever marketing to work around this.

    The major issue is that they are mis-selling building insurance to owners of flats, I know this from personal experience and the experiences of a large number of my clients.

    The worst case was a gentleman who lived in a flat in a block of 8 – each had their own policy! He checked the policy and found that although the referral was from the mortgage team to the insurance team, they had issued him a policy for a 3-bed semi rather than the 1 bed flat he owned. This came to light when he wanted to let his flat as they would not assist.

    If at any point he had made a claim the policy would not have been worth the paper it was written on!

    The Financial Services Authority and BIBA back me! The public need to be informed as the implications are huge.

  2. DayTime Burglars says:

    When my house was burgled, the only relief I had was that I had content Insurance. These people took 6 months to process my case and finally refused stating that there was no sign of forced entry which is ridiculous. I would never ever have any other Insurance with them.

  3. kim says:

    Barclays home contents insurance is a disgrace, I have a present claim as whilst on holiday our fishtank cracked shedding 160 litres of water ruining furniture, carpets, laminate flooring and curtains, they have been terrible demanding upfront payment of the 100.00 excess b4 dealing with the claim and fobbing me off to various companies, asprea cavalier chemdry and renew nothing has yet been done and I am at my wits end, yeah it’s cheap, but they just want your money, when you need to claim i’ts rubbish.

  4. Debra says:

    I was seriously considering switching my home and contents insurance to barclays – so glad i read these warnings, as you’ve saved me a load of hassle.

  5. The Barclays Home Insurance offer seems to be good on the surface but do read the fine print as they say and really scrutinize each page and word. Only then decide if it is for you .

  6. Roof Coating says:

    Thanks for the advice, barclays sound good, plus there is always a branch you can walk into, my current insurers legal and general are a waste of space.

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