Home Security

Contents insurance policies may require an adequate level of security to be demonstrated for the claim to be valid. It is possible, for example in student policies, it is possible to obtain a policy that covers you for “walk in” thefts through an open door. These policies are often more expensive as the likelihood of you having to make a claim increases with the lack of security.

Even if your insurance policy is able to provide a replacement for a stolen item there are some things that can never be truly replaced whether it be a family heirloom, vital business files on a computer or even something as trivial seeming as a perfect pair of trousers that have now been discontinued. It is better to avoid using the policy at all and make sure your home is as secure as possible.
There are some simple strategies that you can follow, not only to keep your policy valid but also to protect your possessions:

  • Burglar alarms don’t only serve to alert the authorities if your home is broken into but they can also act as a deterrent, reducing the risk of your home being robbed. Because of this you may be able to get a reduction on your policy premium if you have one fitted.
  • Make sure your lock conforms to current standards (ie. It can only be opened with a key) and make sure that if you have a second lock on your front door to lock both whenever you go out. Windows should be fitted with key locks and not left open when you leave the house.

It’s not all about expensive security systems though; there are some simple things you can do to make things more difficult from any potential burglars:

  • Grow spiky bushes beneath windows to make access harder
  • Make sure you leave garden sheds locked and ladders locked away.
  • Keep all gates and fences around your property in good order, and locked if possible.
  • Avoid planting tall hedges around your property that reduce visibility from the road.

Remember to keep your home secure, and make a list of all your valuable possessions so you can tell exactly what has gone missing in the event of your home being broken into.